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Free 2 Hour DVD Reveals Proven Secrets to Success with Adwords!

"Claim Your Own Copy of My Kick-Ass 2 Hour DVD Where I Reveal Everything I've Discovered by Spending More Than $214,541.00 on Clicks & You'll Be Floored By How Much You Don't Know About Google Adwords!"

FACT: USA Today Reports that Google Adwords has over 1.1 MILLION Advertisers -- All Vying for "their" Piece of the Pie.

FACT: Business Week Asserts that Click Costs Have Rise by an Average of 43.7% in Just the Last Year.

FACT: People are Getting Slapped Silly with $1, $5 and even $10 minimum bids by Google's "Quality Score Police".

FACT: Your Competitors are Chomping at the Bit to Knock You Off... (Everyone just wants more than their fair share, right?)

What's Going On?

Google Adwords Expert Kirt Christensen has Recorded an Amazing 120 Minute DVD called "Adwords Science: Everything You Never Knew About Adwords".

This Free DVD will Reveal How You Can Quickly Turn Around Almost Any Adwords Campaign, Slashing Click Costs up to 37%, While Increasing CTRs up to 82%!

Here's the feedback from others who have already watched the DVD:

I currently spend over $20,000 a month on Adwords alone and I was blown away by the content on your DVD presentation!

Normally whenever I hear a presentation about Adwords for me its normally a bore-fest as I read everything I can about adwords on a daily basis & always stay updated with their latest updates.

This DVD not only taught me new things, but it cemented in fundamentals that I know will add a good percentage to my bottom line once implemented. You're crazy for releasing this caliber of content to the world for free!

-- Mike Sampson Miami, FL

I usually skip Adwords presentations - they cover the same old, same old.

But keeping my fanny in seat for this presentation was a smart idea - Kirt delivered chunky nugget after chunky nugget and I went home with pages of great ideas.

Kirt knows how to work Adwords as well as anyone I've ever met.

-- "X" Author of the Adwords Black Book

Dear Google Adwords Advertiser,

Are you frustrated with the lack of leads and sales your current Adwords campaigns are bringing in?

You're not alone, I've met hundreds of people in just the same boat -- Adwords is costing them too much money, for too few sales!

I know exactly how you feel!

Are you frustrated with the leads and sales your current Adwords campaigns are bringing in?

You're not alone, I've met hundreds of people in just the same boat -- Adwords is costing them too much money, for too few sales!

Yep, that's me...
Google Adwords Geek

I know exactly how you feel! In fact , when I first started using Adwords nearly 5 years ago, I had the same lousy experience.

...I was close to "throwing in the towel" and scrapping my Adwords account entirely, and ready to find some other traffic source that "worked".

I didn't quit though -- I kept working away, hoping and praying that I'd find some way to make Adwords work for me...

...And after months of hard work, I finally started putting the pieces together.

It wasn't one thing that changed everything for me -- it was dozens of strategies and tactics that I'd pick up here and there, things I tested and "invented" myself, and things that I flat out "lucked" into...

Now, fast forward to the present, 2007. I'm using Adwords as one of my primary tools for getting traffic, I do quite well for myself...

Now, I have several different, seperate online businesses, but in one of my smaller online business, in the past year I've grossed over $164,028 all from Adwords traffic!

Here's the screen shot from my shopping cart account:


And again, that's just from ONE of the online "cash cow" businesses I have set up...

It's no fortune, but I'm sure you'll agree, it's far more than most online businesses generate in a year, don't you think?

While we're on the whole "proof" thing, here's some additional screen shots to prove my claim in the headline of this letter -- that I've spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars on Adwords traffic in the past 5 years...

I have 3 adwords accounts (yes you can multiple Adwords accounts, I can teach you how) that I personally write the checks for, and here's the stats on each one:

Account #1:


Account #2:


Account #3:


So, doing the math:

Account #1 =
Account #2 =
Account #3 =
Grand Total:

There it is my friend -- I've spent $214,541 on Adwords traffic over the past 5 years...

...Along the way I've picked up some strategies that you've never imagined existed...

Now, just to be clear, this doesn't even include the Adwords accounts that I manage for other people -- on that side of things I manage spending of an additional $612,000 A YEAR!

My client list for that business reads like a "who's who" and includes Internet gurus like:

  • Mark Joyner
  • Brian Keith Voiles
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Ray Edwards

...and a slew of other names you may recognize.

Anyway, enough of me, I'm sure that pretty much gives you an good idea of my qualifications to teach people Adwords!

Let's talk about why you're here on this page -- to get my free 2 hour DVD on Adwords!

I recently taped one of my very best seminar presentations on Adwords, 2 hours in all, and I want to send it to you!

Quite frankly, I want to "give before I get" with this DVD, and also flat-out "give back" to all the struggling and frustrated marketers out there.

I remember how tough it was to get started on Adwords, do keyword research, and hope and pray that it would work. I know that you need the further advice and help that I've already uncovered from the school of hard-knocks. So, I'm now going to share these techniques with you, all in this free DVD.

Now, any marketer worth his salt knows that I need to show you a little more of the mountain of breathless feedback I've already received on the information on this DVD...

So, here goes, after showing a "pre release" copy of this 2 hour DVD to legendary copywriter Ray Edwards, he sent me this video:




I also captured the comments from several people that listened this very same Adwords presentation live...

Saumil Patel from London, UK  

Jane Buckley from Sydney, Australia

Paul Fugle from Cambridge, UK

What does it cost to get a copy of this Adwords DVD?

If I was acting my own best interest, I'd turn it into a home study course and charge $197 to $297.

The content is that good.

But, in order to make sure that this info gets out to as many of you as possible, I'm giving away the DVD free.

No commitments or hassles. All I request is that you help me out with the "hard costs" and put up $6.77 for shipping and handling for orders inside the US, or $11.77 for international orders.

Click Here to Order Now -- USA Orders

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Note: If you live in Canada, our shipping department will mark the DVD as a gift, so that there are no customs charges.

What else do I receive with my DVD order?

30 Minute, One-on-One Call with Kirt

When you order the DVD, you'll also receive a bonus worth $148.50, which is a FREE one-on-one 30 minute telephone strategy consultation with either me personally...

I charge a minimum of $297 an hour for consulting, so this has a real value of $148.50, but by getting a copy of this DVD, you'll be able to talk with me FREE for 30 minutes, and we'll explore exactly what you need to do to move your internet business to the next level!

30 Days FREE Access to Netbreakthroughs.com, Kirt's All-Inclusive Membership Site

When you order the DVD, you'll also receive a free 30-day trial membership into Kirt's Netbreakthroughs.com membership site.

You'll receive proven, time-tested Internet Marketing advice from industry experts like Kirt in the form of a 3,400+ page membership site, complete with an active forum, and weekly webinar sessions with Kirt to keep you up to speed and give your business the kick in the butt that it needs!

Plus, if after the 30-day trial period you decide that Netbreakthoughs.com isn't for you, you can cancel your $19.97 per month membership at any time!

How long does this Free DVD offer last?

As you can imagine, we can't continue to give away this free DVD forever. Business is business, so I've instructed our duplication company to produce 500. After that, we can't guarantee that we'll continue this offer. So don't wait, at the rate DVDs are flying out the door, our supply will be exhausted within the week.

Well folks, that about sums it up... I've shown you proof that I have more experience with Adwords that just about anyone on the planent, as we as presented you with 4 videos and 2 text testimonials from people that have been blown away by the content on this DVD.

I've spent over $214,000 on Adwords clicks, out of my own pocket... I know what works, and what doesn't!

If this crazy offer (free DVD, you pay the shipping and handling) doesn't get you to place an order right this second, you're probably beyond help!

Get your copy today:

This seminar crowd in the UK each paid over $1,000 to here me speak about Adwords... You get the same presenation FREE by paying $6.77 for shipping and handling!

Please Reserve My Copy of Your 2 Hour "Adwords Science" DVD... I Understand that the DVD is FREE, but I'll pay $6.77 to cover the duplication, shipping and handling costs

International ORDERS:
Please Reserve My Copy of Your 2 Hour "Adwords Science" DVD... I Understand that the DVD is FREE, but I'll pay $11.77 to cover the duplication, shipping and handling costs

This free DVD offers expires whenver we've sold through our current batch of 500 DVD's, so don't put this off. It will be gone.


kirt christensen

Kirt Christensen

P.S. The order form is pretty straight forward, to recap, for the price of shipping and handling, $6.77, we'll send you the complete 2 hour DVD!

As a special "bonus", we'll also provide you with a link where you can watch the entire presentation online, within 2 minutes after ordering while you wait for the DVD to show up in the mail!